Manitoba Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

The Honourable Anita R. Neville, P.C., O.M.

Guidelines for Hosting the Lieutenant Governor

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is your first contact regarding an invitation to the Lieutenant Governor to participate in your event. A letter of reply regarding the Lieutenant Governor’s availability will be returned as soon as the event-planning calendar for that period is finalized. The Aide-de-Camp on duty will then coordinate protocol arrangements for your event.

1. Communicating Regarding Your Event

The Aide-de-Camp assigned to accompany the Lieutenant Governor for the occasion will be in contact with you prior to the event. The Aide-de-Camp will leave a contact telephone number should you have further questions or if you require additional information.

2. Publicity or News Media

Any media advertising the Lieutenant Governor’s participation at your event should be reviewed by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor in advance of its release. In the case of large public gatherings where you advertise to encourage public attendance, the participation of Her Honour should be indicated. For publicity information, contact the Lieutenant Governor’s Executive Director and Private Secretary, Ms. Kate Gameiro at 204-945-2752.

3. Plaques and Publications

If a plaque will be unveiled, the text should indicate the presence of the Lieutenant Governor and should be reviewed by the office in advance of fabrication. Programs should also indicate the presence of Her Honour and the draft texts should be reviewed by the office or the Aide-de-Camp before printing.

4. Host of the Event

A senior host within the organization should be designated (by the organization) as the host of the event. This person is usually the Chair or the President of the organization. The word “host” used below refers to this person. In addition, it is often helpful to have a separate event organizer to be contacted by the Aide-de-Camp.

5. Meeting Guests at an Event

The Lieutenant Governor enjoys meeting guests, and the host should introduce Her Honour to as many guests as conveniently possible in addition to time spent with the platform party or VIP guests.

6. The Lieutenant Governor’s Greeting

Her Honour will be pleased to bring greetings to suit the occasion. The greetings are usually no longer than three minutes.

It is preferable that the Lieutenant Governor is invited to speak only once and at the beginning of the program, prior to other speakers and following the host. There should be a podium or lectern as well as a working microphone and sufficient lighting to refer to notes.

7. Other Speeches

Introduction of the Lieutenant Governor should be brief. The MC could say “I now call upon Her Honour to bring greetings.” Speakers should address the host first followed by “Your Honour”. Other public officials should be recognized in order of precedence.

8. The Arrival of the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is normally met at the main entrance of the building by the host. Her Honour is then escorted to the pre-event VIP reception. It is helpful to have a person to take coats and to reserve an elevator (on service) as required, she will be accompanied by an Aide-de-Camp (party of two).

9. Receptions

Receptions prior to meals or ceremonies provide an opportunity for the Lieutenant Governor to meet head table guests and other principals. Her Honour will arrive informally at these receptions however, a general introduction to the assembled guests is appropriate.

10. The Entrance of the Lieutenant Governor

All head table guests (with the exception of Her Honour should proceed to their places at the head table. The MC should then make the following announcement:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please rise if you are able for the entrance of the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba Her Honour the Honourable Anita Neville and remain standing for the playing of the Vice-Regal Salute.”

In Canada, please note that Lieutenant is pronounced “Leftenant” and not “Lootenant”.

Her Honour enters a room preceded by her Aide-de-Camp. The Lieutenant Governor is always the last to enter a room. Her Honour should be seated in the centre of the platform party – if at a ceremony, on the right side of the Host and with other platform guests balanced on either side.

11. Vice-Regal Musical Salute

At structured events the “Salute to the Lieutenant Governor”, or as it is referred to “Vice-regal Salute” is played.

The Vice-Regal Salute” consists of the first six bars of “God Save the King” followed by the first four and the last four bars of “O Canada.” If you have a band, small ensemble or a pianist which could play the salute, sheet music is available from the office. Alternately, a CD of the Vice-Regal Salute is also available from the Aide-de-Camp. Please return the CD to the Aide-de-Camp.

The Vice Regal Salute is played when the Lieutenant Governor reaches her place on a platform or at a head table, and before she sits down.

The Vice-Regal Salute is never played as Her Honour is entering the room and walking to her destination. Her Honour must be stationary before the salute is performed. The Vice-Regal Salute is not sung by those in the attendance.

O Canada may be played and/or sung following the Vice-Regal Salute or just prior to the departure of the Lieutenant Governor at the end of the function.

12. Meals

The Lieutenant Governor is seated on the right side of the host. The Lieutenant Governor may be introduced in sequence at the head table with other head table guests if that is in the MC’s introductory procedures.

Seating should be provided for the Aide-de-Camp at an adjoining table and they must have eye contact with the Lieutenant Governor. This seating should be facilitated by place cards on the table, so that the Aide-de-Camp is not left with their back to the Lieutenant Governor.

At a meal or reception the Lieutenant Governor is always served first.

At meals, if the Loyal Toast is proposed, it is usually done by the host after the main course, and prior to the dessert. The form is:

“Ladies and Gentlemen – The King of Canada/ Le Roi du Canada”
The correct response is:
“The King” or “Le Roi”

(There should be no clinking of glasses when toasting The King)

13. Departure of the Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the first to leave the room at the conclusion of the event.

If in the planning consultation with the Aide-de-Camp a formal departure is appropriate, the MC should announce:

“Ladies and Gentlemen please rise if you are able and remain in your places for the departure of Her Honour.”

If O Canada is performed at the conclusion of the event then the announcement can be adjusted by asking those in attendance to remain standing following the anthem for the departure of the Lieutenant Governor.

If the Lieutenant Governor’s schedule requires that she must depart before the conclusion of the event, or if there is no specific end to the occasion, then the Lieutenant Governor will depart without an announcement.

If you have any questions, event organizers should contact the Aide-de-Camp assigned to their function. Alternatively, the Executive Director and Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor, Ms. Kate Gameiro may be contacted at 204-945-2752.