Manitoba Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

The Honourable Anita R. Neville, P.C., O.M.

3rd – The Honourable Joseph Edouard Cauchon

Term of Office: 8 October 1877 – 29 September 1882

Born: St. Rochs, Quebec, 31 December 1816

Died: Whitewood, Northwest Territories, 23 February 1885

  • Educated at Quebec Seminary, became journalist and editor of Le Canadien 1841, founded Le Journal de Quebec 1842 and called to bar of Lower Canada 1843 but never practiced.
  • Mayor of Quebec for some years.
  • Sat in Canadian Assembly from 1844 until Confederation, serving as Commissioner of Crown Lands for Canada 1855-57 and Commissioner of Public Works 1861-62.
  • Elected by acclamation 1867 to both House of Commons and the Quebec Legislative Assembly.
  • Invited to form the provincial government in Quebec in 1867 but unable to attract sufficient support in the Legislative Assembly.
  • Resigned Commons seat when called to Senate and appointed Speaker November 1867.
  • Resigned Senate seat July 1872 and returned to Commons in general election.
  • Resigned Legislative Assembly seat 1872 when accused of conflict of interest (owned an insane asylum subsidized by Quebec government) but again returned by acclamation; continued serving in Assembly until 1874.
  • Re-elected by acclamation to Commons 1874 and served as President of Privy Council 1875-77 and Minister of Inland Revenue 1877.
  • Resigned from Commons 1877 to accept appointment as Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. Appointment widely criticized in Manitoba and Eastern Canada, with claims that previous conduct and self-aggrandizement made him unsuitable for the vice-regal office.
  • Took little active interest in the affairs of Manitoba, preferring to involve himself in private real estate deals. Became a recluse in Government House following death of his wife shortly after assuming office.