Manitoba Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

The Honourable Anita R. Neville, P.C., O.M.


Manitoba’s Lieutenant Governors have established several programs to recognize outstanding achievement, often working in partnership with provincial, community and professional organizations. Below is a complete list of the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards.

Additional awards are available through the Chancellery of Honours; please click here for more information.

Lieutenant Governor Awards

Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration (IPAC)

Awarded annually to a public sector practitioner whose career exhibits the highest standard of excellence, dedication and accomplishment in a municipal, provincial or federal government organization in the province. Established by The Honourable Pearl McGonigal in 1986.

Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community

2 Crystal Statuettes. Awarded annually at the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Celebration of Business Excellence Dinner to an individual and to a business for exceptional contribution to the well-being of the community and quality of life in Manitoba through support of charities, education, cultural institutions, amateur sports or other volunteer community endeavours. Established by The Honourable Peter M. Liba in 2001.

Lieutenant Governor’s Award for the Advancement of Interreligious Understanding

Awarded annually at a ceremony at Government House to an individual who best embodies understanding between all religious groups. Established by the Honourable Philip Lee in 2010.

Criteria and Nomination Form

Lieutenant Governor’s Historical Preservation and Promotion Award

Five awards presented annually to individuals who have rendered prolonged, meritorious service in the preservation and promotion of Manitoba’s history and heritage. Established by the Honourable Philip S. Lee in 2011.

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Lieutenant Governor’s Community Leadership Awards

Presented annually to up to four individuals, one in each of the following categories: Rural Manitoba, Northern Manitoba, Urban Manitoba, Youth (16-30).
The award recognizes individuals from across Manitoba for their exceptional contributions to the community through leadership in voluntary service.
Established by The Honourable Peter M. Liba in 2000.

Manitoba Provincial Rifle Association

Awarded annually to the competitor with the highest aggregate score in the Lieutenant Governor’s Match (fired at 300, 400, 600, 800 and 900 yard ranges).

 St. John Ambulance Vice-Prior’s Award

Trophy. Initiated by St. John Ambulance in 2008 to be awarded annually at the annual investiture ceremony to be held at Government House each May. The award is intended to recognize significant contribution in furthering the objects of the Order and St. John Ambulance in Manitoba by either an individual or a community organization.

Winnipeg Music Competition Festival, Lieutenant Governor’s Trophy

Awarded annually for the most outstanding solo or group performance. Donated by the late Honourable Errick F. Willis in 1963.

Scholastic Awards

Assiniboine Community College, Brandon

2 Silver Medals. Awarded annually to honour students who have achieved outstanding academic performance and contributed in significant ways to the college and the community.

Brandon University

1 Gold Medal. To be awarded to an undergraduate student in Arts, Science, Music, Education or Health Studies who attains the highest grade point average in his/her graduating year excluding the Faculty or School already represented by the Governor-General’s Silver Medal. The previous Fall/Winter graduates will be included with the May graduates for consideration.

Red River College Polytech, Winnipeg

A maximum of four silver medals will be awarded annually to full-time students who combine, to the greatest extent in their graduating year: a) academic and technical achievement, b) involvement in College and/or community activities, c) good character, and maintain a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.00 (or equivalent). One medal will be awarded at the Fall Convocation, and three medals will be awarded at the Spring Convocation.

University College of the North

1 Gold Medal. Awarded annually to a student with demonstrated proficiency in academics

University College of the North

3 Silver Medals. Awarded annually to students with demonstrated general proficiency in trade, diploma and certificate programs (excluding trades).

University of Manitoba

1 Gold Medal. Awarded annually to the student with the best record in scholarship and personal qualities throughout the Degree Course in Agriculture. Originated in 1922.

University of Winnipeg

1 Gold Medal. Awarded annually to the student who qualifies for the Bachelor of Arts (General) degree and who has secured the highest standing determined by the final grades obtained in the best 15 credit courses completed.